Only ONE WEEK until Omaha Fashion Week kicks off another season of fashion and glamour August 18th-24th, and we’re thrilled to share more about our amazing lineup of designers!

"Queen of the Night" by AD Delgado is the final installment of his Dreams Collection. Inspired by the streets of New York and city life in the 90's, this bold line displays drama and sparkle in a collection where every look grabs attention.

How did you get into fashion? Share a little about your background.

I follow traditions of creativity and sewing from my family. As a toddler, I watched my great grandmother, a seamstress, hand bead and embroider clothing and accessories for women of greater means than she, as a way of supporting her family. My great uncle was a tailor whose influence is evidenced within his work. Growing up in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, I developed an eye for fashion and design at an early age. At age eight I relocated to Washington State, where I was reunited with my mother. Her influence became my foundation for creativity in textiles, color, and design. At the age of thirteen as a Junior High student, I looked forward to taking Home Economics. Anxious to learn the basics of sewing, I absorbed every bit of knowledge and technique possible. My teacher became my mentor as I stayed after school to get one-on-one lessons to master the basics in pattern making and fitting.

Omaha Fashion Week February 2018 | Photo by Heather and Jameson

Omaha Fashion Week February 2018 | Photo by Heather and Jameson

Describe your brand and the feeling you want it to convey. How was your brand concept born?

I like to describe my brand as Sexy, Bold, Empowering, Glam, Art, Red Carpet Couture! The concept was born back in 2014 while watching the Oscars that year.

What are your personal goals, or goals for your brand?

My personal goals are to continue my education and obtain my Associates Degree in Fashion Design through Metropolitan Community College, then continue on to get my Master’s Degree in Immigration Pre-Law. I see myself evolving not only in my career life, but within my brand as well. I believe that to truly dream, one must dream BIG! My top goals in life would be 1) to make the cut for a summer internship in the Alexander McQueen store in NY, with hopes to transfer to his home base in UK. 2) to see my collections hit the runways of New York and London. 3) to see my collection display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and lastly 4) to see my brand become a household brand.

Describe your favorite project(s) that you have worked on.

I have so many of them but the one that made the biggest impact on me was creating a dress I like to call "Black Beauty". It was a small tribute to my great grandmother who pass before she ever saw my designs hit the runway, and the project took over a year.

LEFT: OFW August 2018 | MIDDLE, RIGHT: OFW February 2018 | Photos by Heather and Jameson

LEFT: OFW August 2018 | MIDDLE, RIGHT: OFW February 2018 | Photos by Heather and Jameson

Describe the collection you are creating.

My collection is inspired by my last two collections I’ve shown at Omaha Fashion Week, based on my “DREAM” installment. Last March I gave OFW “Enchanted Dream”, which was an introduction to who I am as a designer and the enchanted visual that fashion can convey. Last fall I presented “Enchanted Night”, which was more of a show collection that gave depth to what my Enchanted Dreams were all about. This third installment entitled “Queen of the Night” will be bold with a hint of drama and a touch of dazzling sparkle.

What are the signature styles or silhouettes of your collection?

There will be nice fitting silhouettes that will gracefully accentuate the waist or that masculine tailor fit. The signature style of this collection will have a hint of ostentatious extravagance that will give a romantic fantasy feel to each garment. Each garment will have a soul of its own as each piece will be ornate with its own unique artistic quality that portrays the rich variety of design and art. They will continue to define who I am as a designer and artist and hold me true to my art.

Describe the specific customer you are designing for.

At this point, my target market is that discriminating person who wants to be “noticed” at the party or ball. My designs are not for the “wallflower” unless she or he wants to abandon that wall and become the center of attention. By wearing one of my designs, I want my client to feel they are the “Queen or Prince” of the ball, no matter what their true standing in the world might be. I understand that some of my clients might not have the ability to purchase some of my designs, but my ultimate goal is always, no matter the budget they might give me (within reason), to make them look like a “million bucks”, even if they did not spend that amount. I also see targeting that dazzling prom girl, fulfilling that Quinceañera dream dress and bride to be.

Omaha Fashion Week August 2018 | Photo by Heather and Jameson

Omaha Fashion Week August 2018 | Photo by Heather and Jameson

How do you balance creativity/innovation with consistency in your work?

I always stay true to my art.

What sort of design elements can we expect from you this season? What materials, colors, shapes, or patterns will you be using?

Materials: sequins, bead work, applique, and trims / Fabrics: faux pleather, fur, vinyl, taffetas, lace, and sheers / Colors: gold, grey (silver), red, and black (earth tones).

You can see AD Delgado on the runway during our IGNIS Featured Designer Showcase on August 22nd! To learn more about Agustin and his work, visit his website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram as he puts the finishing touches on his collection! Tickets are selling out fast, so snag yours today!