We are excited to announce the designers who have been selected to show collections during the next season of Omaha Fashion Week August 20-25, 2018!

Last week, designers pitched their ideas to a panel of industry experts brought together by OFW. The experts scored each designer and provided feedback that was used to make final selections. The designers are scored on innovation, construction, marketability, concept and the overall presentation.

Keep reading for a breakdown of the week’s schedule:


Plan your big day the fashionable way! Grab a glass of bubbly and enjoy an evening of inspiration during our glamorous bridal themed showcase. From our high-end runway show packed with bridal trends from local designers and boutiques, to our vendor market showcasing hors d'oeuvres, tablescapes, and floral arrangements, check off every category on your wedding to-do list! See the full list of designers and vendors here!

TUESDAY, AUGUST 21: BALANCE Emerging designer showcase

Balance: A way of combining elements to add a feeling of equilibrium or stability to a work of art. Major types are symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Headliners: Omaha Fashion Camp, Tú

Aleah Creative by Aleah Rosenau: Growing up in a small town in Nebraska, sprouting wildflowers inspired Aleah Creative's debut collection, "Vivacious". Hand crafted designs intertwine feminine style into delicate fabrications to represent spontaneity and a free-spirit.

Elyse Anastacia Flores: Inspired by the curves of the Chicago skyline, Elyse Anastacia Flores created her line, "Dolores". With sophisticated elements and structural silhouettes, this collection dresses the independent, professional woman.

Kate Lavender: Historical inspiration and retro vibes bring Kate Lavender's women's loungewear collection to life. Inspired by trends from the 1920s, you'll see pieces that are voluminous, functional, and elegant.

Orchid Eden Designs by Orchid Richards: This collection by Orchid Eden Designs is inspired by the Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn, which celebrates African American culture and music. Vibrant colors and patterns create an enlivened and upbeat feel in this women's wear line.

Anna Naomi by Anna Kuhlman: Futuristic trends of the 1960s translated into eccentric wearable pieces in this collection by Anna Naomi. Shimmering chrome, bold salmon, and stunning turquoise tones bring elements of the Space Craze into the modern 21st century.

Rachel Kruse: In this up-cycled alternative bridal collection, Rachel Kruse combines a love of thrifting with a passion for bridal wear. Unconventional colors, intricate detail, and traditional silhouettes come together to create diverse looks, as unique as the brides they represent.

Abigail Faith by Abigail Faith Goeser: Practicality becomes playful with the use of intricate detail and timeless silhouettes in the "Mode" collection by Abigail Faith. Intrigued by the craftsmanship behind fashion, Abigail Faith ties together trends of the 60s and 90s to create timeless and glamorous garments.

Makaylee Gayed Designs: Inspired by the off-duty ballerina, "Evasion Musicale", by Makaylee Gayed Designs takes a step away from her usual edgy look into a feminine, light, and airy collection. Soft colors, graceful silhouettes and delicate textures beautifully create this day to night women's wear collection.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22: EMPHASIS emerging designer showcase

Emphasis: A way of combining elements to stress the differences between those elements.

Headliners: Omaha Fashion Camp, Dan Richters

Alexis Amina by Alexis Harris: Alexis Amina found inspiration for her mens and women's wear collection on a recent trip to Africa to explore her roots. Vibrant prints, bold colors and varying silhouettes work to inspire all of us to learn a little more about where we come from.

Lauren Nicole by Lauren Birkentall: Heavy dimension and high volume interact with muted tones in this women's evening wear collection by Lauren Nicole. Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, inspired every look and inspires us all to look for beauty in even the most unusual of places.

Chiara Kaufmann: Cultural influences of Morocco can be seen in "Makaji", a women's wear collection by Chiara Kaufmann. Traditional patterns, modern cuts and eye-catching bright red colors bring another culture to life.

KLYNNE by Kelsey Sextro: Elegance enters into an enchanted land in this women's evening wear collection by KYLNNE. Various textures, metallic tones, and floral prints bring luxury to a place it's never been before.

Karissa Goosic: Inspired by action movies where the main characters are on a mission against evil, this women's wear collection by Karissa Goosic evokes the same sense of an strength and expedition. Functionality teams up with futuristic elements for the woman who isn't afraid to have fun with her clothes.

Anisha Fashionista by Anisha KillsEnemy: In this season's women's wear collection by Anisha Fashionista, menswear fabrications are mixed with feminine lace and edgy vinyl. Romantic grunge creates flattering styles with varying textures to leave the wearer feeling comfortable and glamourous.

SKM Fashion by Sydney Moore: In a world of conformity, SKM Fashion encourages individuality and self-expression. Playful silhouettes and cheerful colors work together to create the perfect combination for the girl who is constantly on the go but still desires to make her own fashion statement.

H.Art Studios by Lauren Hansen: Inspired by a recent trip to Spain, "This is Baroque" by H.Art Studios reveals elaborate men's and women's wear couture. Delicate textures, intricate detail and deep tones create unique and ornate designs to interpret another world.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 23: harmony featured designer showcase

Harmony: A way of combining similar elements in an artwork to accent their similarities (achieved through use of repetitions and subtle gradual changes).

Headliners: Ballet Nebraska, F&F Clothing, AD Delgado

Zaftig Kitty by Korinne Zimmerman: In her all inclusive sized women's collection, Zaftig Kitty draws inspiration from the ocean. Interesting and intricate pleating represents fins, along with bold colors and striking patterns to create innovative looks.

Vivi Design Studio by Claire Thomas-Morgan: Elements of outer space comes into a new dimension in this children's wear collection by Vivi Design Studio. Feature prints of planets and stars are brought to life through bright colors, and crescent design details.

Nokota.Style by Tonya Pesch: Dark hues and starry elements recreate the night sky in this collection by Nokota.Style. This women's wear collection is perfect for the free-spirit, the woman always looking ahead to the next adventure.

Maria Behnen: In this women's wear collection, Maria Behen celebrates the fusion of color and the unexpected combinations of prints and textures. Color printed waffle weave fabrics along with reclaimed denim are sure to make the wearer feel extraordinary.

CJB Designs by Courtney Barbour: From work, to the gym, to drinks with friends, this collection by CJB Designs fits the girl constantly on the go. Bright colors, feminine silhouettes, and innovative textures work together to perfectly fit the girl who never stops.

Judy Bales Design: Motivated by braids and sailor's knots, the collection "Intertwined" by Judy Bales Design is true to its name. Experimental construction methods, sculptural shapes, and intense colors create extreme interest and depth in this women's wear line.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 24: movement featured designer showcase

Movement: A principle of design used to create the look and feeling of action and to guide the viewer’s eye throughout the work of art.

Headliners: Denise Ervin Designs, SuShe by J. Tracey

Hannah Caroline Couture by Hannah Nodskov: Conventional silhouettes, luxurious embellishments, and dark hues create a women's evening wear collection by Hannah Caroline Couture. Chic designs create an innovative sophistication, sure to turn every head in the room.

Crystal Brakhage Designs: If there is one word to describe "Su-preme", a men's and women's wear collection by Crystal Brakhage Designs, it is powerful. With a plethora of textures, three-dimensionality, and heavy use of chains, this collection is perfect for the person learning who they are and who they want to be.

K:13 by Kimby Sweeney: K:13 aspires to create comfortable clothing that makes women feel confident and beautiful. In this women's street wear collection, "Plastic Memories", innovative designs work cohesively with minimalistic colors to create a chic and contemporary aesthetic.

Parodi Designs by Abigal Parodi: "Sirens", a women's wear collection by Parodi Designs, combines two unusual partners - beauty and danger. Colors and textures of the sea along with engineered prints are mixed with the ferocity of modern day fashion.

Ideas from the North by Ameli Skoglund Blaser: Inspired by the intense work of raising a child, "Throw Dolls" by Ideas from the North focuses on how to equip a person for life while remaining their own individual self. Graceful styles, sharp silhouettes, and intricate draping allow for a depth of individuality and creativity within the collection.

Q Liu by Qun Liu: Multicultural influences and originial techniques are a few of the foundational elements that Q Liu uses in her collections. This particular women's street wear collection is inspired by the ocean, and uses eco-friendly fabrics to represent aspects of nature.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 25: vip runway finale

Celebrate the best of Omaha Fashion Week and watch the top Emerging and Featured Designers compete for their respective Fashion Cups and prize packages! Finalists to be announced.

Headliner: Michael Drummond, Borris Powell, Dan Richters

SUNDAY, AUGUST 26: Shop the Runway Sunday

Join the OFW Team at Fashion Institute Midwest (FIM) for a “breakfast of champions” featuring donuts and mimosas! Guests will have the opportunity to shop the collections featured on the runway that week, and meet the designers behind the clothing!


Doors to Omaha Design Center open each evening at 6:00 pm. We hope you'll join us before shows for the Pretty in Patina Pre-Party, with live entertainment and shopping in the *Pop-Up Shop Market, as well as the Borsheims Red Carpet Experience and the H&H Premier Vehicle Showcase! Plus, don't miss out on our *Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery | Dreams MedSpa VIP Lounge, where you can take in all the fashion and glamour with complimentary hors d'oeuvres and drinks from the Absolut Elyx VIP Bar! It all leads up to our main event: a packed showcase on the Allure Med Spa Runway to Beauty!

* No VIP Lounge during Omaha Weding Salon on August 20th. No Pop-Up Shop Market during VIP Runway Finale on August 25th.


Featured Photo: Kathy Rae Photography | Designer: H.Art Studios | Hair + Makeup: Amanda Akers + Gia Thomas | Model: Develop Model Management