Hello weekend warriors! Omaha Fashion Week is finally here and we're going to leave you with one last Boutique Weekly before this week gets rollin. Kylie, the expert stylist, and I recently made a trip to THREE Clothing to scout for some sweet threads. This was my first visit and I wanted to buy everything in sight. They carried such a variety of color, prints, and textures. The clothes and accessories are also at very reasonable price! You can't beat that. Through all of the digging and searching, here's what we came up with.
Top $29.50 | Belt $19.50 | Skirt $49.50 | Shoes $34.50
Let's take a moment and admire how cute Kylie is in this outfit! The polka detailing on the top and skirt flow so nicely. The added plum belt was great touch, so that it accentuates the waist creating more of an hour glass shape. A pair of nude heels complete this quirky look, bringing all the attention towards the geometric prints.

Top $29.50 | Belt $19.50 | Skirt $38.50 | Shoes $34.50
Let it be known that it is perfectly okay to take fashion risks. Wearing bright colors can put you in the spotlight, and that's exactly where you need to be, girl. I decided to play with fire and pair a bright red skirt with some yellow accents. This outfit is so sunny! It wouldn't complete without the abstract heart print top. This combination will have you walking on sunshine. Who wouldn't want that?

Ring $9.50 | Bracelet $4.50 | Top $24.50 | Pants $49.50 | Shoes $39.50
Our last look is casual and loud. It's also a dose of inspiration for you to dust off your favorite graphic tee, and dress it up for a night out. The houndstooth harem pants are an added statement along with the fuchsia platforms. This combination is both cozy and chic.

Children's wear will be dancing around the runway tonight at Omaha Fashion Week. Also, miss Hollie Hanash of Ruffled Runway will be rocking some THREE Clothing, so keep your eyes peeled! You can find THREE Clothing located in Shoppes at Aksarben. Be sure to check out and LIKE Kylie's styling on facebook. I couldn't be more thankful that she came along on the Boutique journey.

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- Payton R. http://tinydarling.blogspot.com/