Hello fashionistas! You'll be very happy to know that I made a visit to Hello Holiday's office to scout out some outfits for some inspiration to share with you! I was surrounded by adorably quirky prints and timeless dresses. Needless to say, I was in heaven. For those who aren't familiar; Hello Holiday is an online women's wear shop offering a wide variety of classic, yet whimsical clothing for women of all sizes. So in summary, if you're looking for something fun and flattering to wear for Omaha Fashion Week, Hello Holiday is that cherry on top of your sundae. I picked out a few pieces and mixed them into my wardrobe. Ready, set, go!

Peppermint Patty Dress
If you're interested in brightening up your look, why not get lost in fresh peppermint? This dress is a breath of fresh air and can make you feel like a million bucks. The material of this dress is flexible and warm. The dress hits about knee length and is decorated in pleats creating a fuller look. The back of the dress forms a racer back shape. Cooler weather? Just pair it with some tights and a blazer. You'll be breaking hearts in this stunner.

Foster Frames / Tick Tock Atomic Top
While searching through the closet of Hello Holiday, it was very challenging for me to decide which prints to pick out. The quirky, retro print on this little top is irresistible. The peplum shape is always a flattering choice as well. On the back are buttons that fasten the neckline and on the left side lays a zipper for a comfortable fit. I went a bit "geek chic" with this top, pairing it with a pencil skirt and Buddy Holly inspired glasses. On the right, I toned it down a bit by squeezing into some skinny jeans, and adding a dainty collar necklace. Dress this top up or down, either way you can't go wrong.

Pep Per Diem Top / Just Add Lace Skirt
Last but certainly not least, the infamous lace skirt. This piece not only adds elegance to your wardrobe, it can also be a staple for casual or formal wear. The lace detailing is eye catching and makes a statement alone, or united with a plain or subtly printed top. On the left I paired this lace dream with a plain peplum, creating more of an exaggerated and flirty shape. On the right, I decided to stick with a black, but textured top. The textures of both the top and skirt really go hand in hand, but it is important to keep it minimal.

I hope this leaves you inspired to flaunt in some Hello Holiday wear during our upcoming Fashion Week event (during the 18th-24th of this month!) or just during your everyday routine. And here's some good news! There are tons of markdowns happening on their website, so don't wait! Go, go, go!

Thanks for reading! Until next time...

xx, - Payton R. http://tinydarling.blogspot.com/