Winner-1 Victor Victoria won the Develop Model Management Beauty Show for the second year in a row on Sunday night, winning a prize package valued at $3000 provided by SAC Federal Credit Union.  Eight teams of stylists had 48 hours to create head-to-toe looks for the show's theme, "Beauty Icons Through the Ages."

Victor Victoria drew their "Marie Antoinette" theme on Friday night along with the other teams. Their whimsical collection featured phrases uttered by the notorious French queen on t-shirts, while the bottoms of each look varied from ruffled bloomers to a pink ball gown skirt.  Model wore powdered-wig hair styles, white-face makeup with Marie Antoinette signature rouge and lips and each carried a cupcake.  The opening look was a dress fashioned out of a silk parachute found in the basement of a downtown thrift shop.  The most memorable hair style featured a large model ship moored up in the bouffant.

The winning team was selected by a five-person panel representing various areas of expertise: Rick Carey, hair styling expert; Jamie Knott, international makeup artist and educator for Tigi; Alyssa Dilts, founder of Develop Model Management; Thom Sibbitt, Kent Bellows Art Program; Dwayne Ibsen, owner of Ibsen Costume.

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