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Fashion Institute Guild Exclusive: Looks from the Runway

Last night, we sipped champagne with the beautiful people of the Fashion Institute Guild, learning how to transform runway fashion into something you could actually wear on a daily basis.  The presentation was given by Guild President, Alyssa Dilts of Develop Model Management and Guild Board Member, Autumn Foland of Design Parliament.  I loved this presentation because they not only showed pictures and videos, but they also had live models showing looks that I could actually wear! It makes such a difference seeing the look live on a model.

Quick review of Spring 2015:

The big closet-friendly theme from the S/S 2015 runways is Athleisure. This trend became a "thing" when ladies wanted to look good coming from the gym.  They needed the versatility of a workout look that could go from the gym to a business lunch.  Suddenly, we saw leather bombers paired with yoga pants and smart bags...and then the $200 track suit bottom was born.  From Target to McQueen, this trend is here to stay.  You'll see Athleisure looks made out of everything from scuba fabric, to tennis shoe fabric, to cashmere spun with cotton and spandex. Its hallmarks are versatility and performance...meaning sweat-wicking properties, stretch and durability. These high-tech fabrics can be seen in dresses, skirts and tops as well as the traditional track suit.

The key to pulling this look off is to make it look purposeful.  It can easily go "Momma June" if you aren't careful with how you put it together.  Be wary of the see-through yoga pant, which really isn't a pant at all.  Pay attention to the fabric and buy quality to avoid an unintended wardrobe malfunction. Good news is, you can buy Athleisure pieces at just about any clothing retailer...Omaha options include Target, Renu at Shoppes at Legacy and Design Parliament.

Fall/Winter 2015:

Designers really took an introspective approach to this season.  Especially after Anna Wintour announced that "trend" was a dirty word.  Designers are speaking to the woman who wants to purchase an investment piece and define her own style, and they've (designers) gone back to the roots of their respective fashion houses.  Rather than focusing on trend, they are working with the ideas of individual styling and how a woman presents herself authentically to the world. Despite all of that, there were some themes that surfaced...

  • Leather: We saw it in bright colors and feminine silhouettes this spring, but it's coming back in dark colors and longer lengths for fall.  We are seeing it mixed with suede, accented with fringe and cut with square shoulders for a more androgynous effect.
  • Car wash skirts and flared pants are the "it" silhouettes of the season. Glad I didn't get rid of all my flared pants from if I could just fit into them!
  • 70's Boho is not going away any time soon. Ponchos, chunky knits, lace, shearling, velvet.
  • Accessories of the moment: Statement earrings and geeky glasses.

Alyssa and Autumn also covered what we can look forward to in menswear:

  • Athleisure: Track suits and trainers, some with a ballet flair
  • More focus on day wear and a movement away from evening wear to more accurately reflect the lives of real men.

If you are interested in getting the inside track on the fashion scene - from the runways of Omaha to Paris - I strongly recommend joining the Fashion Institute Guild! Benefits include invites to exclusive events like this, plus special deals on OFW tickets and other exciting fashion happenings. Join the  Fashion Institute Guild  here!