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August 2015 VIP Swag Bags!

March was a huge success for Omaha Fashion Week and all those who participated!  F/W 2015 collections have been shown, and we're now preparing for S/S 2015 shows that will take place in August. With that being said, we're looking for great companies with great products and/or services to be a part of our VIP “Swag Bags" again.  All Saturday night (OFW Finale) ticketholders will receive an Omaha Fashion Week “Swag Bag” at the S/S 2015 show this August, and we want you to help make it fabulous.  This is an awesome opportunity for you to reach a large audience—an audience that will absolutely love your product(s).

Requirements 1. Must be able to provide an item or product in the quantity of 750. 2. Must be a tangible product or offer that adds value. 3. Products must be sent to the OFW office (107 S 55th St., Omaha, NE 68132) no later than August 10th.

Some past examples of products are... -Travel or full size hair and makeup products (shampoo & conditioner, mini mascara, lip gloss) -Edible items (cookies, dog treats, coffee beans, cupcakes, gum/mints) -Special offers (spa treatments, clothing store discounts) -Other items (candles, shot glasses, nail polish)

Below is the link you can follow to fill out an application!  It will close August 3rd.

Be a part of our OFW VIP "Swag Bags"!

Attention all businesses, no matter the size!  Do you love Omaha Fashion Week and wish you could be a part of it, all while promoting your own business and/or product?  Now is your chance!!  All VIP ticket-holders will receive an Omaha Fashion Week “Swag Bag” at the F/W 2015 show this March, and we want YOU to help make it fabulous. If you'd like to participate every night of Fashion Week, you must be able to provide 1,000 products/offers.  If you're not able to provide this quantity, you can still participate by providing products/offers in increments of 200. One night: 200 Two nights: 400 Three nights: 600 Four nights: 800 All five nights: 1,000 *Which nights your products are featured in our bags will be chosen at our discretion

Click here to find out more and to apply for this awesome opportunity!

Application will close February 23rd.  Products will need to be sent to the OFW office by March 2nd (107 S. 55th St., Omaha, NE 68132).

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to contact