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Get Your Name Out: OFW Swag Bag Application


Omaha Fashion Week continues to grow and this year we are anticipating over 7,000 people in attendance. That's great exposure for any company, brand or product and we want to help.

We're giving away around 750 VIP gift bags to OFW attendees and we want your product in their to help make these bags really special for our VIPs. If your brand or company is interested in giving away a product or item please let us know by applying to be a part of our Swag Bags.

Requirements 1. Must be able to provide a item or product for 750 swag bags. 2. Must be a tangible product or offer that adds value. 3. Deadline for products must be sent to OFW office by Aug. 12.

Please take note that we reserve the right to accept or deny any applications.

Some past examples of products are... Travel or full size hair and makeup products (shampoo & conditioner, mini mascara, lip gloss) Edible items (cookies, dog treats, coffee beans, cupcakes, gum/mints) Special offers (spa treatments, clothing store discounts) Other items (candles, shot glasses, nail polish)

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