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Omaha Fashion Week Evening Wear Recap

The evening was hosted by Pat & JT from our sponsor Q98.5 and had tons of colors, gorgeous gowns and a very happy fairy tale for one of our local designers. The night started off with a collection from Bridget Mahoney's line Bridget Julia from Kansas City. Mahoney, who is a FIM grant recipient, created a collection inspired by Marilyn Monroe called, "I want to be loved by you." The line was full of a sexy but sophisticated elegance that captured the superstar's essence. There were lots of colors, sparkles and fun elements like pieces of boa's and feathers.

343Dp9ZILP2Ey6XUn1IM57G7t5PejeACFk2gw6XF3mA qCp_lXQVfVfEoEt1apjR-_-BNNZew2G-1zyMvJI7X8g skDAvNkNRpaVHsv122T5AxEgaPS9JbN-ZyKWeJWEqToThe next collection was Spoiled Little Mamma by Berthier de La Cruz. His collection was inspired by Spanish bullfighting and featured lots of fabric and bright colors. Touches of satin on full skirts and lots of pleating. 10523153_10152382310631553_5829531430852066745_o 0RkhbRCfqBKdBn860EYQR7lQlqA6v4Hp7WiR5Lgo0Cc 1274452_10152382310666553_86970770100784764_o


Model and designer Lauren Birkentall designs under the label Lauren Nicole. Her collection was inspired by the movie Coraline and Birkentall loved the magical yet sinister element of the movie. There were lots of triangles, patterns and a graphic element to her collection with bright pops of color.

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Fella by Fella Vaughn was inspired by the late 1960s and early 1970s for his collection. It featured bright colors and bold patterns and was sophisticated and elegant. There was a disco aspect to some of the designs with tons of oranges and yellows.10608772_10152382368021553_7619274968864830092_o 10582850_10152382359756553_8627398348493902310_o WaXLY8yGQYcv3svcfjFs46-9w6iEdYhtqCz2USuje_o


Adrienne Anderson for Quite-A-Riot created a line out of mosaics. She hand stitched every piece of the fabric together to create the unique look. It was a very feminine line with elements of the late 1920s and early 1930s.Za9o8A4YlZDI7LM2FPm23GHqUZVVb-eQ8wfUBrJo_vE -4S10FEZGR2Il1LFk1pftYsfToVAHSFklNStq1HoKhM 1_591ncjIhcjzdf8kT_nqPeSipvpbvcqROYNJkKs1f8


Elda Doamekpo designed her line Afielda after her native West African routes. She used traditional African fabrics with bright pops of purple and pink and paired them with ornate headdresses to get a really unique line of evening wear.

gdGuC6NCObNQoZQYjy-P8I1Vb6zQP5PigYt9GLYtEaA fBf-R9eEqIJeCTPoqLWYmziYYwScLur6WL-UAESlZN8FIM grant recipient Kate Walz dedicated her line to her idol Jessica Lathem, a local boutique owner who helped Kate get her start in design. Lathem always said, "Practicality is overrated," and Kate used that quote to help inspire her collection. The line was very reminiscent of Old Hollywood with tons of ruffles and satins with a very feminine element and bright pops of color.

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At the late show "Phaesporia: Light Bringer" presented by Buf Reynolds, was an inspiring collection of beautiful gowns that showed the metamorphosis from dark to light. The long draped gowns were made with silk and had elements of tapestry and gold leaf. To top off the night, Buf got engaged!aEp4ewZPddDRZiDet8jcPBOa0K2jU3b0sQA6L2dxfJ0 8oiFShf4oonO5xhoGzEz9oUw4-SLAOKLK91Zpng7vZ0 10421241_10152382598936553_6402861800538365243_n

Fella, Bridget Julia and Kate Walz will all compete tonight for the Fashion Cup.