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OFW Model Calls.....We Want You!


OFW Model Calls.....We Want You!

Have you ever thought about walking the runway in fabulous designer clothing? Now is your chance! Omaha Fashion Week is holding 4 model calls to fill the nearly 700 spots on the runway for the August shows! We are traveling the Midwest to find YOU! 


Notes from 6/10/14 Casting Prep Workshop

In case you missed it! Here are notes from our Casting Prep Workshop that was held on Tuesday at Develop Model Management. Check this out before you arrive at the Midwest Model Search tomorrow, so you are totally prepared for a great audition! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful face...


Midwest Model Search June 14 from 2 p.m. Westroads Mall in Dick’s Court (right in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods) *this will be the ONLY casting call for Omaha Fashion Week Join the Facebook Event!

Model Selection Notices July 4 by midnight You will be notified if you have been selected to walk for a designer by this date. You will NOT be notified if you have not been selected. Please do not email OFW or Develop Model Management about your status. Make sure you give us the correct email – one that you monitor regularly – so that you will receive a message from us if you are cast. If you are a minor and your parents are involved in coordinating your schedule, please use an email that your parents have access to when you provide us your contact details. Finally, if you are selected, your designer will be copied on your selection notice. Please email Alyssa and your designer IMMEDIATELY confirming that you have received your notice and will be able to participate.

OFW will be August 18-23 Under the Tents in the Capitol District (near 10th & Capitol) in Downtown Omaha


Females: Ages 12-30 Height 5’8” – 6’0” Size 0-14

Males: Ages 15-30 Height 5’11”-6’3”


General Tips for everyone: 1. If you choose to wear a jacket make sure to wear your number on the outside of your jacket. 2. Do not wear accessories (such as a large scarf or big necklace) that will cover your number. (If we can’t see your number we will discard your information!) 3. Do not wear jewelry that makes noise when you walk, it can be very distracting. 4. Girls – you may want to wear your hair either pulled up and back or make sure it’s behind your shoulders when you walk so that we can see your number.

Adults (12 years old+): Women - A pair of heels 3”+. Form fitting clothes. This is your opportunity to be a fashionista and show the judges that you follow the fashion industry. Also, don’t hesitate to do even more research and check out fashion blogs like:

Women's Wardrobe


Men – Fitted pants or jeans are great as well as a fitted t-shirt. Also a pair of slick-soled shoes, no athletic shoes please!

Men's Wardrobe



A great attitude! Two non-professional photos that you can leave with the judges. No portfolios or books will be considered. You will not be judges on your photos…they are for recognition only.


You may wait in long lines to be seen by the judges. Once in the casting an OFW team member will take your measurements, an OFW photographer will take two pictures and then you will meet the judges and walk for them, which will be videotaped. Those images and videos will be uploaded to a private website that OFW designers will have exclusive access to in order to select the models they are most interested in using.

This is your chance, which typically lasts approximately 30 seconds, for you to shine in front of the judges. Make sure to make eye contact and answer questions clearly and concisely…tip – try to give more than just one word answers.

Following the casting, model who are selected will be notified by July 4 at midnight if you are selected to walk for a particular designer(s). Keep in mind that you will NOT be notified if you are not selected.

Occasionally, there are last minute replacements needed so please make sure that you are checking OFW’s Facebook and other social media outlets to ensure you don’t miss your opportunity to jump in at the last minute if needed.