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Omaha Fashion Week Needs an Intern

Alas, our application has closed.  Thank you for your interest.  If you still want to be involved, consider joining our OFW Street Team.  Learn more here: It's true!  We are gearing up for March 2012 and we are internless.  That simply won't do.  Apply here. Read on if you are interested.

We get a lot of inquiries about internship opportunities so it is pretty exciting to finally have a position available.  Here's who we are looking for:

"An organized, patient, persistent person with great written and oral communications skills who is proficient in all things google docs, wordpress, microsoft office (especially excel and mail merge!) and if you have a little experience in Adobe products, that's a plus!  This person must also have good customer service skills and be comfortable with technology.  We like nerdy stuff here at OFW.  An appreciation of fashion is important as well - but you will not be sewing clothes or editing collections as an OFW intern.  Instead, you will...."

Things OFW interns do:

  • Manage databases of designers, volunteers, models, boutiques and salons.
  • Work with photographers and organize event photos.
  • Communicate with audiences about what to do, where to be, when.
  • Update social media, community calendars and Omaha Fashion Week website.
  • Manage OFW voicemail and email inbox.
  • Assist event organizers on managing changes to event timelines and logistics.
  • Run errands.
  • Depending on skill set, may be asked to do a few graphic design projects or some writing (we want you to come away with some things that will build your portfolio.)
  • When it's event time - be there for set up, event execution and tear down.

Things OFW interns get:

  • Bragging rights.  You get the inside track on the Midwest's premier fashion event.
  • Resume cred.  You get experience in event planning, communications, PR, fashion, putting a magazine together, being part of a team that leads over 1,000 volunteers, fundraising, sales, and customer service.  Start to finish.
  • Portfolio. Depending on your skill set and what you want to do in your career, you may get an opportunity to create or write something that will actually be used or published by Omaha Fashion Week that can be added to your portfolio.

The fine print:

  • OFW intern is required to work 10 hours/week
  • Unpaid internship, however there are a few perks.  Manicures, pedicures, meals and great networking.