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Omaha Fashion Week Avant Garde Recap

Last night's runway collection featured Spring/Summer 2015 designs from some of our favorite Avant Garde designers. The show kicked off with a special presentation from Louis Alvarez and his team of stylists. They featured large, back combed styles that made an impression on the audience. Alvarez and his team brought in three members of the Joffery Ballet to dance down the runway and showcase the styles.

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The first designer down the runway was Angela Balderston for Get Plastered! Angela is a FIM grant recipient. Her collection was inspired by tribes of Africa and featured clothing made of plaster and large African-style headpieces. The line had extreme details, animal-like clothing and body paint that wowed the audience.

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Kristen Van Hessche's Japanese-inspired line tells the story of a fox that changes into a woman to seduce a man. Each kimono was hand painted by Van Hessche to bring the story to life. Her models wore fox-like masks and each silk kimono was intricately detailed.

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Claire Landolt had a collection inspired by the duality of the vulture. Vultures, to Landolt, are both beautiful and grotesque and she tried to feature that duality in her line. Each look had a cast iron claw or chicken leg to add to the bird-like feel to her line. We saw tons of texture with Landolt's line as well as fringe, leather and crocheting.

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Little Shell Designs by Michelle Kleineweber had a collection inspired by traditional anniversary gifts. Kleinweber is an OFW newbie from Kansas City who was showing in her first Omaha Fashion Week. Her Victorian-inspired collection featured unique materials and small touches that really brought the collection alive on the runway.

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Reigning Fashion Cup winner Dan Richters did not disappoint on the runway last night. His collection, "Lore," was inspired by mythology, folk-lore and fairy tales. Each item was hand crafted by Richters and included light up details as well as other stand out pieces.

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The independent late night showing of Jenny Pool's collection, "La Foret Des Reves," combined fashion and live performance to unfold the story of a girl lost in the forest. The line featured Victorian inspired elements and moveable cream fabrics that added to the theatricality of the line.

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Angela Balderston for Get Plastered! will have a chance to compete on our Saturday Finale for the Fashion Cup and a prize pack of $10,000.