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Contestants for the Develop Model Management Beauty Show March 2015

Congratulations to the following teams for being selected to participate in the OFW & Develop Model Management Beauty Show, Fashion Icons Through The Ages, on March 15th, 2015. Teams will have 48 hours to create an 8-look collection.  The winner will receive a $2,500 prize package. The package includes $1,000 cash prize, an exclusive VIP table at the August 2015 Finale valued at $1,000 and a full-page ad in Omaha FASHION Magazine.











Welcome to the Dojo: Leslie Wilson, Rosha Taylor, Venus Watson, Corey Moore

Dressed to Kill: Linda Miller, Lesly Gallardo, Jacqueline Orellana-Martinez, Crystal Ellis

Team T’eez: Tremain Gardner, Alia Quattlebaum, Ty Majied, Crystal Webber, Ashley Foster, Alyssa Jalass

Reveal: Ash Robinson, Tasha, Megan, Katie, Ellie, Genna, Heidi

Victor Victoria: Siobhan Kozisek, LeeAnn Boyle, Kali Rahder, Hilary Hubbell, Sarah Poderys, Dylan Tinnerstet

Skincerely Yours: Jamie Carman, Juan Giraldo, Abbey Piffner, Alex Stoltenberg, Holly Habroock

Garbo’s: Paty Crabtree, Abby Wederquist, Kalinda Kehn, Faith Henley

3 Eclectic Chicks: Dominga Venita Rangel, Nicole Gibson, Alia Malik Quattlebaum


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