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Interested in fashion? Check out DEVELOPMENT!

Our friends at DEVELOPMENT are hosting scholarship auditions for their next round of classes this weekend!  If you are interested in modeling - or other aspects of the fashion industry from design to photography - we highly recommend these classes.  You will get a well-rounded understanding of the many job opportunities in the industry, in addition to learning the techniques used by successful models.  Here's the event info:
DEVELOPMENT Scholarship Auditions
Saturday, June 9th
1307 Leavenworth Street
Make sure you're there! Auditions held in Omaha's emerging fashion district near Omaha Fashion Week at the agency, 1307 Leavenworth Street, large free parking lot on the south side.  Visit or email for more information. DEVELOPMENT is Omaha's premier modeling school and placement agency.
Photo by G. Thompson Higgins.  Features DEVELOPMENT Founder Alyssa Dilts directing model rehearsal at OFW March 2012.  At KANEKO.