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Model Search

We had another great turn out for Omaha Fashion Week’s Model Search. By the 2:00 start time, we had over 170 models ready to show OFW and Develop Canada Pharmacy made of! Here’s a recap if you missed it:

First, check out this line. As we mentioned previously the line was growing long way before we began. Models got their numbers and waited until we were ready for them.


Models then got their picture taken by our amazing photographer, Herb Thompson.


After they got their beauty shot, models trekked on over to measurements. We had some great helpers with this important task!


Then models waited for their turn to strut their stuff on the runway in front of industry professionals.


Phew! That was a lot. The model search ended up being extremely successful! Models will be informed if they have made it into the OFW Model pool on, June 26th before midnight. Again, thank you to all who made this event possible! We can’t wait to have some fresh new faces on our runway.