With Omaha Fashion Week just a couple days a way and our beauty show a week from now we thought you would like to get know a little bit about our salons that are joining us next Sunday. 1941576_10152083235561553_470464398_o

Welcome to the Dojo

Dressed to Kill

Team T’eez


Victor Victoria

Skincerely Yours


3 Eclectic Chicks

Welcome to the Dojo participated in our beauty show last March. The team includes Leslie Wilson, Rosha Taylor, Venus Watson, and Corey Moore.

Dressed to Kill is bringing their A game to beauty night. Their team includes Linda Miller, Lesly Gallardo, Jacqueline Orellana-Martinez, Crystal Ellis

 Team Tee'z comes out of Tee'z Salon. Tee'z is known for their bold, edgy style. the team is ready to take on the runway a week from today. Their team includes Tremain Gardner, Alia Quattlebaum, Ty Majied, Crystal Webber, Ashley Foster, and Alyssa Jalass.

Reveal salon . Reveal will be participating in Aveda's Earth Month next month buy selling candles to provide clean drinking water. Their team includes Ash Robinson, Tasha, Megan, Katie, Ellie, Genna, and Heidi.

Victor Victoria, who was previously Sirens Salon, will be joining us as well on Sunday. The salon is located in the downtown area and offers a variety of services. Their team includes Siobhan Kozisek, LeeAnn Boyle, Kali Rahder, Hilary Hubbell, Sarah Poderys,  and Dylan Tinnerstet.

Skincerely Yours is dedicated to catering to their clients 100%. Skincerely has a variety packages the range from bridal to medical. Their team includes Jamie Carman, Juan Giraldo, Abbey Piffner, Alex Stoltenberg, and Holly Habroock.

Garbo's Salon has five locations in the Omaha area. The Garbo's team is know for their innovations and trend setting. Their team includes Paty Crabtree, Abby Wederquist, Kalinda Kehn, and Faith Henley.

3 Eclectic Chicks is group of various stylist from various salons. The team includes Dominga Venita Rangel, Nicole Gibson, and Alia Malik Quattlebaum.

These teams will compete for a $2,500 prize package. Each team will create 8 looks in 48 hours.

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