Omaha Fashion Week Closes The Spring Season ~ 5th Largest Fashion Week In The Country  Omaha Fashion Week closed the spring season of their 7th year at the Omar Bakery Building.   OFW remains the 5th largest fashion week in the country, including one of the highest young-designer ratios.  OFW kicked off the week hosting it’s first ever student night partnering with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program and 4-H.  The program focused on high school students interested in fashion design and featured collections from Kent Bellows’ and 4-H students, along with a retrospective collection from OFW veteran designer and Kent Bellows Mentor, Dan Richter followed by a panel discussion featuring industry experts, including Dan Richters; founder of Develop Model Management, Alyssa Dilts; and founder of Omaha Fashion Week, Nick Hudson, photographer Greg Higgins, designer Kate Walz and hairstylist Omar Rodriguez.  OFW had over 500 students attend last night’s kick off.  Students received free admission to the event.

Omaha Fashion Week is hosted its third annual Cancer Survivor show presented by Methodist Hospital.  The show includes over 90 cancer survivors modeling looks from the following local boutiques; All About Me, Bliss Boutique, CJ Banks, Chico’s at One Pacific Place, Christopher Banks, Coldwater Creek, Garment District, Katina’s, Maurice’s, McLovin, Mesh, Paperdoll, Post & Nickel, Skyz and Younkers.

Brook Hudson, OFW producer said, “This is always one of our most anticipated events!  The energy, emotion and support at the event is electrifying!  It is all about making these men and women survivors feel beautiful and it is our community that comes together to make that happen!’

The children of Omaha took over the runway at Omaha Fashion Week last night featuring designs from Beloved, Banana Bread Baby, Jessica Lynn, Jessica Leigh Designs, and Markoos Modern Design.  Markoos Modern Design, by Aubrey Sookram, showcased her ‘Clueless’ collection featuring fluffy pink textured coats, knee high socks and polka-dots with the familiar movie soundtrack bits playing, such as ‘Kids In America,’ by The Muffs.

Friday and Saturday designer showcase debuted brand new F/W 2014 collections by Lenzanita, Elle’ Inspired, Hannah Caroline Couture, Wallflower, Crystal Hobson and Margie Trembley, Borris Powell, Kate Walz, Nuevintage, Buf Reynolds, Fella and Katie Thompson.  This is the first time Lenzanita, Elle’ Inspired, Wallflower, Crystal Hobson and Margie Trembley will feature collections on the OFW runway.

Sunday concluded OFW with a Beauty & Style event where eight teams from local salons, Welcome to the Dojo, Scissori’s, T’eez, Sirens at the Loft, Glitz, Capitol’s Creations, Garbo’s Midtown Crossing and One Drake Place, were selected to compete for a $2,000 prize package.  Teams choose themes at Friday evening show and had 48 hours to create an 8-look collection.  The themes were fashion cities around the world, such as New York, Milan, Paris, Tokyo and Munich.   Sirens at the Loft with the Munich theme were selected the winners.  Sunday evenings show also included a designer market, where OFW designers took orders and sold pieces from the collections they just finished showing throughout the week.

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