Omaha Fashion Week opens up opportunities to Boutiques, Salons, Retailers, and Brands to engage with our wide audience! You are able to reserve a Retail Booth, Platform Session, or an ad in Omaha FASHION Magazine-- details below. Retail Booth- Not only will you be able to showcase your merchandise to our audience during OFW, but we will also help promote businesses that choose to use this medium. Through our website, social media networks, magazine, and e-mail blasts, we will help you reach our audience more directly. A few stats for these outlets: *150k+ Website Views, *40k+ Magazine Readers, *20k+ Social Media Followers, *10K+ E-mail Database—and these numbers continue to grow.


Presentation Boxes/ Platforms- If you want an innovative approach to reach OFW’s audience, presentation boxes and platforms might be just what you’re looking for! Showcase your product on live professional models during the Younker’s Pre-Party at OFW. We will provide the platforms, models, and backstage dressing area. You provide the merchandise and up to four members of staff to supervise.


Magazine Ads- Gain exposure to 40,000 plus fashion fans in the region’s only Provigil 200mg the Midwest fashion scene. You can choose from full, 1/2, and 1/3 page options!

There is an opportunity for everyone, don’t miss your chance to advertise your product or service to a vast audience this August! For more information or assistance contact Assistant Producer, Kylie Bollwitt at