[raw] [easyrotator]erf_86_1344902858/erc_23_1361483282[/easyrotator] [/raw] Are you one of those people who believe that Fashion is not a relevant source in Omaha? Well, to be quite frank, you obviously have not attended one of the premiere events put on by Omaha Fashion Week. In anticipation of the upcoming Fall/Winter 2013 showcase running February 26-March 2, it must be noted that Omaha Fashion Week is going on its fifth year of providing “oohs and aahs” from audiences of all demographics. The public has a chance to see the event twice a year but interns, volunteers, designers, models, photographers, etc.  are taken under the wing of the dynamic producer duo, Nick and Brook Hudson, year-round to create the stage where ideas on paper come to life right before your eyes. “Omaha Fashion Week is about making the dreams of creative people come true…” Look at our pictures all over the web from previous events, our OmahaFashionWeek.com will keep you in the know and our Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook pages will validate what the hype is all about. Tickets are on sale now! Grab your family, friends or that cute girl from apartment 5B that you have been eyeing and prepare to be blown away. Check out the lineup of what the 5 day extravaganza has in store at http://omahafashionweek.com/schedule/