I have been designing and working with models for a long time now. I have seen some really great models and many that could definitely use some coaching. Anyone can stand around and be ridiculously good looking, but it takes a lot of practice to walk a runway, look confident, know cues, and make the garments you are wearing truly look amazing. Working with Develop Model Management has created a more polished look on the OFW runways and set a new standard for the models being cast. They know the business inside and out and are continuing to work with some outstanding models, sending them all over the world.

The casting prep workshop provides invaluable information, hints, and tips. Since it is free to attend(!), there is really no reason to not go! Designers notice the models who have gone to the workshops. Those models try a little harder, look more poised, and make us want to cast them. If you want to walk the runways, take the time to learn the basics. It can make all the difference to models and designers. See you there!

Luf, Buf

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December 15th, 6 pm Develop Model Management 1307 Leavenworth St Omaha, NE 68102