Hi Parents! OFW Producer, Brook Hudson, here. We've received many calls and questions about how kids ages 11 and under can be involved in OFW this season. We LOVE having kids involved because they represent the future of fashion in our community. Participating in OFW programming can build confidence, expand critical thinking skills and sharpen your child's ability to pay attention and work as a member of a team. We just completed our first round of Omaha Fashion Camp last Friday, and I was truly amazed at how campers were using both sides of their brilliant brains to create their very own garments at camp. They had to tap into creative, analytical, structural and social aspects of their intellects, and the results were nothing short of amazing when they unveiled their final projects to parents on Friday. Check out this story from Action 3 News to see what campers were up to last week: http://www.jrn.com/kmtv/news/up-front-at-4/Omaha-Fashion-Camp-Offers-Youth-a-Styled-Summer--262173421.html

Whether your child is a budding designer, model, photographer, writer or stylist...there are many opportunities to explore the skills involved in being successful in all aspects of the fashion industry:

Kids' Model Call & Workshop At this workshop, kids spend an evening learning the skills to have a successful audition as a model...and then they put those skills to use in an actual Model Call for OFW. Parents learn techniques to better prepare their child for a positive experience on the runway. Next one will be held in early 2015. This program is NOT scheduled for summer 2014 due to high demand and a limited number of placements for child models available.

Omaha Fashion Camp Your child will learn about all aspects of the fashion industry, from sketching, photography and modeling, to creating his or her very own garment or accessory. Camp will culminate in a runway show for parents at the end of the week! We have sessions for ages 5-10 and 11-16 available. Next session is July 7-11. Cost: $199. A few spots are still available for camp! Learn more and sign up at www.omahafashionweek.com/camp.

Specially-Priced Child's Ticket for the Bridal & Children's Wear Showcase Create a special evening out with your child at our Bridal & Children's Wear Showcase on August 18. A specially-priced ticket for children ages 11 and under is available for families who want to take their budding fashion fans out for a fun evening alongside the runway. These tickets are $20 each and will allow you to sit in the 3rd or 4th row. Many families plan birthday parties and special outings around OFW with their children, and now we are making it more affordable than ever for families to continue this tradition. We encourage anyone with a child who is interested in fashion to take this opportunity to see a professionally produced fashion show, right here in Omaha. Pick up your tickets here: https://omahafashionweek.ticketleap.com/bridalchildrens/dates/Aug-18-2014_at_0600PM

Pre-Teen Modeling Classes at Develop Model Management OFW has a wonderful relationship with the premier modeling and placement agency in our region: Develop Model Management. Develop is not only a sponsor of OFW, but Develop Founder Alyssa Dilts also serves as our casting director. When I was about 11 years old, my parents sent me to classes similar to what Alyssa offers pre-teens today at her agency. Those classes changed the course of my life...setting me up with the confidence and poise to compete successfully in pageants (I became Miss Nebraska and competed in Miss America in 2004, winning over $50,000 in college scholarships!!), land amazing jobs in marketing and PR with businesses ranging from banking and financial services to non-profits and education, and now in my role as Producer of OFW where I lead an army of 1,000+ volunteers to pull off amazing fashion shows twice a year. I would not be where I am today without the Finishing School education I received at a modeling agency as a pre-teen and cannot overstate the value of this type of education for kids. If you want to encourage your child in his or her pursuits within fashion, or are simply looking for an opportunity to build confidence and poise...go talk to Alyssa! She has classes for both Pre-Teens and Teens. My parents would agree that this was one of the best investments they made in raising me...and I look forward to sending my little girl (Charlotte Rose is due to arrive Oct. 2!!) to Alyssa when she is old enough! Check out Develop Model Management at www.develop-models.com

Thank you all for your continued support of our fashion community. I look forward to seeing you and your kiddos soon at some of our childrens' activities throughout the year!!


Brook Hudson OFW Producer