Their designs glide down the runway and our mouths drop in awe of wonderment. But who are the masterminds behind such exquisite pieces?  We'll be interviewing four designers this month leading up to OFW tofind out a little more about who they are!  

Meet Jessica Hansen

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Name: Jessica Hansen, designing for Jessica Alyse

Show Night: Bridal & Swim, August 22

City: Omaha, NE

What are some of your top influences for your designs? I like playing around with past and future trends while always keeping a woman’s body in mind. The texture of fabrics intrigues me as well as playing around with color. Styling hair and creating different looks drives me to want to design a dress to pair with it. I am inspired by all the relationships around me and the love between people. There is just something about putting on a glamorous gown and bringing out a woman’s individual beauty.

Who would be your dream client (dead or alive)? Marilyn Monroe, I absolutely love her! I feel like she always represented feminine beauty with class and romance. She was always taking risk in a world where woman were not supposed to be sexy. I feel like she defined what it meant to be a true beauty with womanly curves and I would be honored to have been able to have her wear one of my gowns.

Who are some of your favorite designers? One of my favorite designer’s is Oscar de la Renta, his gowns are absolutely breath taking! Another one that I have loved lately is Elie Saab, the way she drapes the material of her gowns is beautiful!

What salon is doing your styling for the August shows? In the past I have done my own styling because I love putting the whole look together but this year I wanted to focus more on the dresses so my very talented and amazing friend, Mary Beinor is doing the styling, as well as the wonderful Buddy Sims.

Can't wait to see you August 22nd Jessica!