Madison Durant: 15 year-old fashion designer for La Rae Fashions. Madison was the runner up contestant on the season finale episode of Project Runway: Threads Season One. Her designs encompass a classy-yet-modern aesthetic.

Ciara Fortun: 16 year-old OFW veteran. Ciara plans to show an evening wear collection inspired by the traditional Filipino dress.

Frank Fu: High school student and avant garde designer. Frank will be incorporating a mixture of unconventional materials and fibers, inspired by architecture.

Karissa Goosic: 15 year-old who will be showcasing a collection inspired by artist, Keith Haring. Karissa began designing at just eight years old.

Miranda Hanson: 16 year-old high school student who has been sewing since the age of eight. Miranda is showing a women’s day wear collection.

Mitchell Henderson: 17 year-old designer from Omaha and veteran of OFW. Mitchell plans to attend college in the fall of 2017 to study fashion design.

Sydney Moore: Veteran designer for OFW. Sydney is currently a junior high student and designer of SKM.


Stella Bernadt: First year student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Stella is showing an evening wear collection inspired by the evolution of women’s rights throughout history.

Brooke Cromley: Self-taught designer. Her style is known for streamlined silhouettes with free spirit detailing for a well-put together wardrobe with an edgy feel.

Andy Kollath: Omaha native working as a graphic designer. Andy’s skillsets include printmaking, leatherwork and sewing; he will be combining these into his first runway collection.

Abbey Parodi: Senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Abbey is working towards a degree in textile and fashion design with a minor in art. Her designs are edgy and include experimentation with unusual fabrics, dramatic drapes and unique silhouettes.

Breanne Reiss: Breanne holds a master’s degree in apparel design. She experiments with silhouette, pattern, and texture in her designs.

Orchid Richards: Native New Yorker and recent graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Orchid holds a degree in textiles and fashion design.

Monnie Winslow: Omaha based designer interested in alternative fashion. Monnie creates art, clothes and jewelry.


Lauren Birkentall: Student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Lauren is showing an evening wear collection incorporating light drapes, gathers, and pools of trains.

Alejandra Buenrostro: Alejandra will be designing an evening wear collection inspired by a culture who truly believes and lives freedom.

Juantiesha Christian: Nebraska-bred New Yorker and designer for a women’s ready-to-wear label, SuShe by J.Tracey. SuShe’s collections are comprised of fun, whimsical and eclectic daywear looks for women.

Christopher Di Giorgio: Young designer who incorporates a futuristic but grungy aesthetic. Christopher is debuting an androgynous day/street wear collection.

Elda Doamekpo: College student and designer for AFIELDA. Elda is showing an evening wear collection inspired by the fashion in Africa.

Chessna Fernald: Self-taught designer. Chessna is showing a collection based on the theme of flora and fauna.

Hannah Flores and Kylie Revense: R & F is co-founded by Kylie Revense and Hannah Flores. The duo envisions adding more diversity and aesthetic freedom to the world of plus sizes.

Audio Helkuik: Educated in fashion design and showing a leather accessories collection.

Leah Kettelson: Leah holds a degree in apparel design and fashion merchandising from Georgia Southern University. She has worked with designers Elise Overland and Michael Kors in NYC.

Jenny Pool: Omaha based freelance costume and fashion designer. Jenny’s work has been seen at local theatres, OFW runways, the NAP condom fashion show and onstage at drag shows.

Buf Reynolds Sechser: Buf designs many styles running from swimwear to bridal to avant garde. This season Buf is showing an eveningwear collection.

Jane Round: Former student at the Fashion Institute of Technology and currently residing in New York. This collection will feature hand detailing in the form of weaving, beading, and printing fabric.

Aubrey Sookram: Designer for MarkoosModernDesign. Aubrey will be showing a children’s wear collection.