Omaha Fashion Week designers receive a production package valued at $5,000, along with four months of mentoring and support from a panel of industry experts. If you are a designer interested in applying for Omaha Fashion Week, read on to learn more about our application deadlines and selection process:

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  1. Designer applications for Omaha Fashion Week open twice a year: August 15-October 15 for March shows; and February 15-April 5 for August shows.
  2. All applications are accepted online via web form.
  3. Applications are reviewed and narrowed down to a set of designers who will be selected to participate in interviews with a panel of independent professionals from the industry.
  4. Each interview begins with a pitch given by the designer, followed by questions from the panel.  Each interview takes about 10 minutes.
  5. Interviewees must come prepared with at least one garment that represents their ability/craftsmanship along with a visual representation of their planned collection - this could be sketches, a mood board, etc.
  6. Panel scores each designer in five areas: Concept, Creativity, Marketability, Craftsmanship and Invest-ability (in other words, would you invest in this designer?)
  7. If selected, you will be required to attend an orientation meeting, rack check, dress rehearsal and tech rehearsal leading up to your show.
  8. Check out the entire selection process here: