All the info…

Here is where we will add information that will be helpful to everyone throughout the season!

Our team

Brook Hudson- Producer Extraordinaire, HBIC. Married to a British fellow named Nick Hudson. They are both Producers, Nick is not in meetings often so you may not see him regularly.

Buf Reynolds- Talent and Community Outreach stuffs- I work on the back of house stuff- Designers, Models, Beauty Alliance. I also go out and visit schools and mentor about town. Been around forever. Come to me with most questions.


Andrea VanDerheyden- Marketing Director and tiny genius- She is involved in all things marketing- Social Media, Advertising Campaigns, Signage, Magazine stuffs, and on and on. She does a lot.


Breanne Ewing- VP of Business Development- Breanne is our magical relationship builder. She meets with potential sponsors, makes sure they are all taken care of, recruits businesses for the OFW Pop-Up Shops and plans the retail area, and also does a lot.



To make Omaha Fashion Week come together, we use a lot of resources online. Here are some of the things we use:


User Name:

Password: hbic2018

This is where we share all the info with everyone on the team! Logistics, schedules, consent agendas, photos, everything! You will use this every week to update the consent agenda for the upcoming Monday meeting. Everyone looks it over before the meeting and this gives us all a chance to ask questions about what we are working on or share advice about what someone else may be working on. 


User name: OmahaFashionWeek

Password: HBIC2018!

This is where we collect info about designers, volunteers, models, etc. All the applications and forms are collected here and the information is stored there from all the past years we have used it. Anytime we want to ask a lot of questions from a lot of people, this is what we use.

We are working on fixing some email issues, so bear with us on that!






Calendar of events


  • Designer Recruitment! 
  • Retailer spreadsheet- Valentina re-organizing
  • Magazine Delivery- Deliver magazines with flyer to retailers, Breanne made list in dropbox, split among apprentices. Dropbox>August 2018 Planning> Retail> All retailers.  

April 16- Meeting, set up for SHS Fashion Show

April 17- South High Fashion Show- who is available and wants to be there?

April 23- Meeting- Storage room acquainting and Tour de ODC! Let's get to know all the objects that go into making OFW happen and where they are all stored! May do some organization while we are there if things are out of place. ;)

April 30- Meeting

Through April-

  • Deliver magazines with flyer to retailers, Breanne made list in dropbox, split among apprentices. Dropbox>August 2018 Planning> Retail> All retailers.  
  • Ad recruitment...
  • Research salons, nail salons, makeup/ beauty places like sephora, lovely skin, dreams med spa, etc. for aestheticians. Deliver magazines and recruit Beauty Alliance! 
  • Research potential Sponsors, pass info to Breanne

Throughout April and May-

  • Beauty Alliance recruitment
  • Reach out to retailers that may be interested, Breanne made a list and script. 

Until May 2nd- Designer recruitment- Verbiage and infographic to share for this

May 7- Meeting

May 7-10th, 5pm-10pm- All hands on deck the whole time please. Designer interviews will be taking place! We will need extra hands for set-up and execution and we want you to see and meet the next batch of designers!

May 14- Meeting

May 21- Meeting

May 22- Model Casting Prep Workshop- Update forms. Need printing picked up and delivered to Alyssa


  • Volunteer recruitment- Interested? Let's talk about this process!
  • Always open to new ideas! 
  • getting photos into gallery on website with credit


Industry Partners-


Pretty in Patina

Fashion Institute Midwest

OFW Beauty Alliance- coordinator (would need to work with through a whole season)


Potential partners we are working on- 

Omaha Community Playhouse

The Rose

Heather and Jameson

Dehner Boot 

Artifact bags

Hello Holiday

Wes and Willie

Signs and Shapes, Intl.